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>>USF Workshops 2008

21 January 2009

USF set up numerous meetings open to the general public as part of its workshops. Such public meetings primarily consist of seminars focusing on various themes then followed by debates. These seminars were lead by professionals and experts, being either USF members or partners.

Several institutions actively took part in USF Workshop meetings:

The City of Paris, the Paris City Town Planning Office (APUR), the Ile-de-France Regional Institute of Development and Town planning (IAU-IDF), the Hungarian Institute of Paris, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Paris section.

The conference titles are given hereafter:

- Urban Issues in Caracas

Pedro José Garcia Sanchez, Urban sociologist and anthropologist - Senior lecturer - jointly in charge of the Urban Sociology curriculum at the Sociology Section of the University Paris X Nanterre.

- Colour in the City

Larissa Noury, Architect, Landscape designer, Colour artist and Plastic Arts Designer, Doctor in Arts and Architecture – Author of the book “Colour in the City”, Le Moniteur Editions, 2008.

- The safeguarded districts of Paris

Christiane Blancot, Architect, In charge of the architects team at Paris City Town Planning Office (APUR).

- The Planning of a World Global Metropolis: The case of the Ile de France Regional Master Plan (SDRIF).

Vincent Fouchier, Doctor in Town Planning, Associate Chief Executive, Delegate to the Master Plan (SDRIF) at Ile-de-France Region Institute of Development and Town planning (IAU-IDF).

- Regional Geopolitics and Development

Raymond Kevorkian, Doctor in Contemporaneous History, Research-Director at the French Institute of Geopolitics, University of Paris-VIII.

- Evolution of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia

Alain Daronian, Architecte “DPLG”, Founder-Member of UAFAC Union of Armenian and French Architects & Conceptors.

- Cooperation Program with Armenia

Maggie Cazal, Architecte “DPLG” and Doctor in Town Planning. Director of the “CAZAL Architecture Urbanisme Environnement” Firm, Founder of USF.

- Strategic Planning

Victor Said, Architect and Town Planner at Ile-de-France Region Institute of Development and Town planning (IAU-IDF).

- Commercial Development & Town Planning

Michel Pazoumian, President of the company “BERENICE pour la ville et le commerce” and the company EURELIA (International Section of BERENICE), CEO of PROCOS (Federation of 210 specialised shops)

- Aleppo’s Informal Districts

Maggie Cazal, Architect “DPLG” and Doctor in Town planning. Director of the “CAZAL Architecture Town planning Environment” Firm. Founder of USF.

- Sustainable Development and Local Governance

Magali Vergnet, Sustainable Development Engineer, Agent of Paris Municipality. Author of the book “Sustainable City: Instructions for Use”, Territorial Editions, 2007.

- Institution, Planning and Mobility in Africa

Michel Prouzet, Barrister, International Consultant in 31 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Far East and Africa.

- The urban evolution of Budapest’s Jewish district

Anna Perczel, Architect and Town Planner – USF representative in Budapest – Member of the Hungarian NGO OVAS – Author of the book “Unprotected Heritage – Jewish District’s Residential buildings”.

- Heritage and Urban Revitalisation

Michel Polge, Architect and Chief State Town Planner at the French Ministry– Deputy Director of the programme “combating housing insalubrities” - Author of the report about the Global Heritage zoning of Budapest.

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