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20 March 2010

USF is a French non-governmental organisation, recognised as a general interest association.

USF is committed to fostering international cooperation and promoting sustainable development in the fields of town and regional planning.
To carry out its objectives, USF takes international-scale actions to raise awareness, including special events, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.

USF’s team leads research and studies, and undertakes follow-up fieldwork missions and operations, along with expertise, either independently or in partnership.

USF has several work groups. Workshops and meetings are held in the various countries where USF interventions are taking place, coordinated by USF members and representatives abroad.

USF primarily focuses its action on towns of developing countries. The NGO is seeking to identify and tackle urban problems and needs, by proposing an efficient response in terms of town planning and operational planning, in cooperation with local leaders.

In its interventions, USF takes the country’s socio-economic aspect and demography into great consideration in order to combat poverty and to deal efficiently with the problem of slums. As supporters of the EQUAL RIGHT TO THE CITY, the members of USF believe that a spatial segregation has taken place in most of the cities around the world, and that such gap between extremely poor districts and extremely rich ones can only be balanced through positive efforts and initiatives.

USF’s team is evolving within a global context in which, for the first time in history, urban dwellers have outnumbered those living in rural areas. Rethinking town planning consequently appears more and more crucial in order to meet the challenge of a growing rural “depopulation”. In conjunction with the involved countries, the members of USF endeavour to put their shared skills and knowledge into the fight against housing shortage, the alarming expansion of slums, the destruction of the ecosystems and over-consumption of resources.

In line with this international approach, USF takes steps in favour of sustainable development along with preventive actions to handle natural and technological risks.

USF makes the environmental emergency its main concern. And because nowadays any urban or construction project requires an ethical code, USF has created the International UCER Club “to Urbanise and Construct Ethically and Responsibly” (UCER Urbaniser Construire Ethique et Responsable). This Club gathers all the concerned actors who are willing to assert their responsibility in view of this environmental emergency.

USF’s involvement is not limited to short-term initiatives. USF’s team works towards a change in consciousness, notably in the countries where the authorities in power are hostile to the ideas of sustainable development and regional planning.

The first cause of global pollution is, in fact, urbanisation, through CO2 emissions attributable to the 20th century buildings and transport. In this context, USF stands as a PROPOSING FORCE and a PRESSURE GROUP for a sustainable development on Earth.

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