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>>The Salon “Bâtir Ecologique” (“to build ecologically”)


Thanks to its Council and Awareness Initiative in Environment & Sustainable Development, USF presented his concept and his orientations at the Salon “Batir Ecologique” on November 28, 29 and 30 2008, through its corporate stand at Paris’ “La Grande Halle of La Villette”.

USF stand at the Salon “Batir Ecologique”

USF’s team presented posters describing the Earth’s five big climates classified by the temperature and humidity: tropical climate, dry climate, warm temperate climate, cold temperate climate and cold climate. Other posters offered a detailed description of the seven specific climates of the Southern Hemisphere.

During this exhibition USF showcased his ecological housing concept. Said concept was named “VIO: Ventilation-Isolation-Orientation”. To sum it up: natural ventilation must bear in mind topographical requirements, obstacles and prevailing winds. Efficient and natural thermal insulation depends of the buildings’ shapes as well as which kind of construction materials were used. The buildings’ orientation depends as well of the openings/windows ideal positioning according to the Sun’s course.

USF presented also Notice displays pointing choices about construction materials according to:

- The ecological impact by carbon assessment
- Climate and ecological impact
- The nature and its use

On the other displays, USF presented its recommendations concerning the conception of building for warm climates, especially focusing on natural ventilation. Such climate embodies the Southern climates: Equatorial warm climate, dry tropical warm climate, humid tropical warm climate, monsoon tropical warm climate, altitude warm climate, Mediterranean climate and desert climate.

On Sunday November 30 2008 at 3:00pm, the President-Founder of USF was invited as a key speaker in the meeting « the Eco-construction as global cultural initiative ».

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