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The first USF diagnosis concerning Burkina’s major urban problems raise the following points:

- The lack of Regional Planning tools
- The Peri-urban areas are prone to anarchic uses, without any official documents
- The Pattern Planning through housing procedure results into the urban sprawl of cities
- The lack of “access rate” of urban services
- The lack of statistical data for an efficient study on urban economy
- The absence of a global social housing policy: self-construction and real estate companies are the only “housing actors “

USF has begun the organisation of a conference in Ouagadougou with the main actors: local elected representatives, technical services, experts in town planning and urban development.
The Conference program, held in Ouagadougou, will focus on the following key:

- Growth and Urban development
- Planning documents
- Position of the Grand Ouaga Master Plan
- Uncontrolled housing & treatments
- Problematic of urban transportation
- Stakes of city centre dynamics

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