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Following the Cooperation Agreement signed between USF and the Municipality of Aleppo on April 16th, 2007, USF carried out numerous studies. Several USF delegations visited Aleppo in 2008 where they met the City Mayor as well as the City Council.

In 2008, USF produced a comparative study of slums - also called informal districts - located in cities with similar issues. USF contributed as well to the elaboration of Aleppo’s local Agenda 21.

This document represents the City’s action plan by 2015. The Agenda is directed by Aleppo’s City Council and the Ministry of Environment and Local Administration. It is endorsed by the European Union, Europe Aid and MED as part of the MAM programme “Municipal Administration Modernisation”.

USF took part in the diagnosis phase and suggested some orientations in the following fields:

- Social development,
- Economic development,
- Informal districts,
- Waste management,
- Water and rivers management,
- Air pollution,
- Safeguard of the heritage.

The comparative study on slums is entitled “Resorbtion of informal districts in Arabic towns”. Three cases are presented: Alexandria (Egypt), Tunis (Tunisia) and Sala (Morocco).

This study shows the actions carried out as part of:

- The planning Strategy of Alexandria
- The Strategy for Sustainable Development of Tunis
- The “City Without Slum” programme of Morocco

This study was first presented in July 2008 to the Aleppo City Council team in order to widen the vision of their City Development Strategy. Aleppo’s City Council started implementing this strategy in partnership with Cities Alliance and scheduled the first symposium on the said project for 2009. USF committed to bring it contribution to elaborate this programme with its teams of experts and trainees.

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