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The International UCER Club (to Urbanise and Construct Ethically and Responsibly) was created by Maggie Cazal, President-Founder of USF. The club brings together building projects and town planning representatives to discuss about the Sustainable Development challenges. The club also organises meetings on ecological responsibility.

Under the patronage of the UCER club, USF hosted on October 15th, 2008 a dinner reception followed by a debate on the theme: “The environmental quality in town planning and building projects”. This event was held in collaboration with the City Council of Paris and the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME).

The Director of Town Planning Department at the Municipality of Paris presented the “Paris Climate Policy”.
The ADEME representative in charge of the energy centre of the Ile-de-France region presented the ADEME orientations as part of the French law “Grenelle de l’Environnement”.
At the end of the reception, the debates were summarised by Emmanuel Caille, journalist and director of French magazine “d’Architectures”.

More than 50 professionals took part to this reception: architects, town planners, lawyers, company chief executives of the construction industry and representatives of well recognised institutions in terms of environment and governance.

The following companies took part to the meeting:
BECHU Architecture agency, FRANC Architect agency, AFEX,
AND Promotion, Akléa law firm, ARCHITECTURE STUDIO, ARTE CHARPENTIER Architecture agency, Bâti property consulting,
Bouygues Bâtiment, C A Z A L Architecture Town Planning Environment, CERQUAL, Colour-Space-Culture (CEC Association), Elyo Suez, Esportec Eco-industrial, Essonne development, EURELIA, Eurosic, Eurostudio, EUROVIA (Jean Lefèbvre’s company), Land and Building Surveyors’ Association, Brémond Group, Financière Duval Group, GTM Bâtiment ADIM IDF (Vinci Construction), IAU-Ile de France (Planning and Development Institute), Lainé Delau (Vinci Construction), Municipality of Sceaux, OGIC, OPTIBAT Architecture Ltd, Savin Martinet Associates, Schneider Electric BDPS – Energy Performance, SEMABA.

The French version of this reception interventions can be downloaded.

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