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- Maggie Cazal

Doctor in Town planning. Architect DPLG. International consultant. Director of the CAZAL Architecture Town planning Environment Firm. Founder of USF.

- Claude Chaline

Geographer. Professor emeritus at the University Paris XII. Founder of the Research Laboratory LEDALOR renamed CRETEIL at the Town planning Institute of Paris (IUP).

- Jocelyne Dubois-Maury

Lawyer. University professor. Director of the Town planning Institute of Paris (IUP) and CRETEIL (Research Centre on Space, Transport, Environment and Local Institutions).

- Lydie Gazarian

Retired Diplomat of the Foreign Affairs Ministry. Former French Ambassador. Graduate of the Institute of Political Studies of Paris and the School of Eastern Modern Languages.

- Victor Hargreaves

Doctor in territorial marketing. Senior lecturer at Science-Po.

- Bernard Haumont

Sociologist. University professor at the Paris-Val de Seine School of Architecture. Director of the urban organisations laboratory: Spaces, Societies, Temporalities.

- Benjamin Lagrange

Banker. Finance and urban development operations manager.

- Pierre Merlin

Professor emeritus at the University Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne). President of the Sorbonne Institute of Development and Town Planning.

- Larissa Noury

Doctor in Arts and Architecture, Architect-Landscape designer, Plastic Arts Designer. Founder of “Colour-Space-Culture” association.

- Victor Said

Architect DPLG, Town planner DIUP - Institute of Development and Town planning "IAU Ile-de-France". Lecturer at the University Marne-La-Vallée.

Directors of USF
- President: Maggie Cazal
- Vice-president: Claude Chaline
- Secretary: Lydie Gazarian
- Treasurer: Benjamin Lagrange

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